2005 Cyclocross Races at Vulture's Knob

January 16, 2005

 Rider Team Place Field
Savage Hill Cycling Team Archive 
Cat 1-2-3 
  Jeremy Grimm: 4th, Cat 1-2-3
Jeremy Grimm
12:00pm I just got off the phone with John Lorson. I called him to go out for a ride and he said there is a race at Vuture's Knob. I hung up the phone grabbed my awesome new clothing! I got dressed on the way to the race, many thanks to my Dad and my Wife!

Dad signed me up for the 1 HR race. Wes Jones told me about a guy in my group who is a pro MTB racer, I wonder how many times he will lap me?

The pro took off faster than anyone I have ever seen! It didn't take him long to lap me on a 1.7 mile course. Five of us started the race and I stayed in third until one lap to go. Great training ride for me, I am definitely built for the rode only!

Thank you Jesus for keeping my uniform all in one piece. Please heal my bruises like you have after a football game. That may be asking to much after all that was twelve years ago! I am just blessed to be able to get back on the bike!