The Chapel Cycling Series

July 14, 2005

 Rider Team Place Field
Savage Hill Cycling Team Archive 
Cat 1-2-3 
  Jeremy Grimm: 3rd, Cat 1-2-3
Jeremy Grimm
Patience: Something I need to have more of. I am blessed to be able to race today. Thank You Jesus. It seems so long since the last time I raced. I need to be very careful the rest of this year and pay closer attention to my body.

I feel like I abused my body the last few months and now I am hoping it is all behind me. Dr. still are trying to find out what went wrong, why I was dizzy and weak. I was told mono but have not had it this year, according to another Dr.

The race today was the best race ever! Jim Flesher Thank You for everything! I told myself not to over do it in the race. Racers didn't like me sitting on there wheels but I had a plan and I stuck to it. Also I was happy with the way Fetty towed us around to lap the field. I told Rudy not to work with Fetty since Adams was getting a free ride. Rudy loves to work so I let Fetty and Rudy get the work they needed and I enjoyed a nice easy ride the rest of the way to the line.