The Chapel Cycling Series

July 21, 2005

 Rider Team Place Field
Savage Hill Cycling Team Archive 
Cat 1-2-3 
  Jeremy Grimm: 1st, Cat 1-2-3
Jeremy Grimm
Another gorgeous day at The Chapel! A lot more racers came out to see this course and they were not disappointed. This was my 3rd race, 2nd at this course, back in action. So far no signs of illness, Thank you Jesus! Whatever you have in store I will do all I can to do your will.

The turns were a lot easier this week. I could pedal through all the turns but one. I tried to pedal through all of the turns but that hard left to right before the backstretch is tricky. Also I didn't want to ruin my pedals.

Single file turns are great but hard to pass in some places. This course has plenty of room for 50 riders. Great place, great people, and easy to get too.

The race was hard from the start. Jim took off and I jumped up to him. The next lap or 2 laps later Rudy joined us. We rode hard for almost the rest of the race. We slowed down when we lapped everyone, and I think that's when we had 5 to go. Jim and Rudy rode a great race nice working with you both.

Thank you Jesus for my family and cheering me on. After the race money I won my Mom still wouldn't let me pay for the ice cream we all had. I think it was Cake Batter ice cream in Canal Fulton, good stuff!