Tour di Via Italia 47th Year

September 4, 2005

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Savage Hill Cycling Team Archive 
Pro 1-2 
Savage Hill Cycling Team Archive 
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  Brooke Crum: Crash, Women 1-2-3-4
Brooke Crum
Today I got a chance to give the best sprinter i no a lead out...and here's my sad story. So with one lap to go LuAnne is rite on my wheel we get through the head wind section which was also the start/finish take the right hand turn and we are sitting up front with all the crazy ass strong Canadian sprinters. So I sat,waited, and caught them all off guard Luanne and I have quite a gap going through the 2nd corner I mean it was perfect we were going to win this race we were flying and not slowing down got this gap on the field....but this is not a fairy tale so this story ends with LuAnne and I going through the 2nd corner at about 33-34mph when all of a sudden there is the lead pase motorcycle going about 20 through the same corner we are, the guy on the motorcycle looks back, we are screaming at him, there is no time to even touch the brakes, he pulls rite into the left side of me causing me to slide out, and LuAnne T-bone's me and goes flying over her handlebars...SO WE LOST BECAUSE THE LEAD MOTORCYCLE KNOCKED ME OFF MY BIKE!!! LuAnne is laying on the ground in much pain so i go sit with her and talk to her for a few seconds...until the guy on the freeking motorcycle comes over and try's to tell us it was our fault and he didn't do Brooke yes me the 14 year old has to cus him out and tell him to leave before I kill him or one of the non English speaking Canadians do...go back to LuAnne everyone is trying to help but there freeking touching her and not giving her any space or any time to think, speek, or breath. So I have to shoo them away Kevin comes and off to the hospital we are. Long story short LuAnne is a friggin beast with a separated shoulder, Kevin is ready to go all Kong fu on this stupid motorcycle guy and the promoter because he didn't even care, and as for me...who cares about me... my poor bike:( GET WELL SOON LUANNE!!! Thanks Kevin for all the food, for driving us, and for being such a great hubby! Sorry it got so long guys but now you have the whole scoop.
  Jeremy Grimm: Crash, Pro 1-2
Jeremy Grimm
Took some guys up to the race so they could keep me awake on the way home. Thanks Chad, Todd and John. Thanks to my wife and my Dad as well.

I have to tell you Chad had me worried I wouldn't be allowed into Canada. He told me I should have brought my SS or birth certificate. Since I was the only one that didn't have anything I prayed they would let me go. They let me into Canada and then we signed up for the race that we thought would cost us 35 bucks and ended up being 50 bucks. Then we had to eat cause we were late getting there. We waited for over an hour before we got the food and by that time Chad was sick Todd and I were going crazy and John was as cool as can be. I gave in had a piece of pizza and it was 1hour before the race when we got our food. We all rushed to get ready and then found out they were running behind for 45 min.

Race started and we all made it to the line. Some puking already and others feeling sick to our stomaches, but then there was John I think he was cool about everything the whole time. Race was slow so I kept telling myself to go for a prime. Paul Martins group just got caught and the prime bell hasn't rang for the longest time. Pace really slowed down and I rolled off the front and sure enough the bell rang. I went harder and another guy joined me before the last 2 turns, not good. He beat me at the line so I sat on him till I felt like pulling and then the guy told me we are going to win. I thought to myself do you know who's in the field. Paul Martin, Jet fuel, Jitter Joe's and The Steve Bauer! Yep Steve Bauer he is 46 years old and still taking it to us, he got 2nd today. A third rider joined us and then they brought us back in after 10 laps. I was hoping for another prime.

During this whole time I noticed my handle bars were getting loose every time I wanted to rest my arms. So I went back to the back of the field to go and ask the tail vehicle for a mechanical. The Official told me I couldn't stop in the pit for my problem. That was dangerous for everyone else. I was going to finish that way and then I saw Paul at the back of the field. So I went to Paul and he suggested that I ask the Official to stop and get me an allen wrench. So that's what they did. Then I had to tighten all 4 screws that were loose while we were avg 28.3 mph(for the whole race). It took me 4 laps to get them tightened. Thanks Paul for the advice.

Next thing I know we have 15 laps left and I feel great! My bike is back to normal and I can rest my upper body. I sat in till about 5 to go and moved up to the top 30. Stayed there till the last lap and sailed by everyone and should have attacked them. Instead I let them swarm around me so I could be boxed in again. Last turn I was in the top 20 for sure maybe top 15. Going faster then everyone on the outside, since it was bunched up. Should have worked my way inside like Chad did. Crash in front of me so I had to jump the curb. I was very fortunate to have a way out.

Thank you Jesus for the trip with the guys. Thanks for our safety and helping us get back to the States!